Fast Stats Feature: NFPA’s Trends in Capacity Utilization

The Trends in Capacity Utilization Report is a valuable indicator that predicts turning points for various economic factors to help prepare your company for future changes in manufacturing, employment and more. Recent report updates have shown bounce backs in almost all areas except for energy, including a more dramatic bounce back in capacity utilization for machinery industries, which signals good news moving forward and a recovery from the drop that came with COVID-19.

Description: The Capacity Utilization Report is a members-only report featuring an organized collection of customer market and general indicator data sets that measure what percent of plant capacity manufacturers are operating at for any given month. This economic indicator can be used to predict a variety of upcoming opportunities and challenges.

Update Frequency: Quarterly

Valuable Features:

  • Access to fluid power-related data sets
    • Capacity Utilization
    • Total Capacity
    • Industrial Production
  • Graphs that identify trends and fluctuations in:
    • Manufacturing
    • Price inflation
    • Supply bottlenecks
    • Employment
  • Additional analysis
  • Easily transferrable into analytical tools such as NFPA’s Stats Toolkit

Accessibility: NFPA’s Trends in Capacity Utilization report is available to all members, CLICK HERE to view.