Off-Highway Vehicle Technology Conference & Expo

The National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) has entered into a partnership agreement with UKI Media & Events to convene and co-locate an advanced hydraulics conference for off-highway vehicle and fluid  power engineers at iVT EXPO, to be held August 21-22, 2024, in Chicago, IL.


iVT EXPO is an annual exposition for the off-highway vehicle design and engineering community, which first took place in the United States in 2022. The event is focused on all types of industrial and off-highway vehicles, with exhibits that are highly focused on a number of key technologies, including new powertrains, electric and hybrid systems, control systems, sensors, and autonomous technologies. With hydraulics serving as a key enabling technology for these vehicles and many of these systems, iVT EXPO offers an ideal platform for growth and expansion of hydraulics, both in its affiliated education program and on its show floor.


NFPA will plan and deliver a two-day conference, running in parallel with the trade show, that will offer iVT EXPO attendees and exhibitors with information on the latest advances in hydraulic technology. Some of the sessions envisioned for the program will focus on the role of hydraulics in key vehicle objectives like thermal management, energy efficiency, noise reduction, preventative maintenance, functional safety, and autonomous operation.


In addition to delivering this innovative program, NFPA is also promoting iVT EXPO to NFPA members and encouraging them to exhibit on the show floor. “NFPA member companies represent the cutting-edge technologies that vehicle engineers increasingly need to incorporate into their machine systems and designs,” said NFPA President/CEO Eric Lanke. “And they will be heavily represented as presenters in our education conference. Combining that technical content with hands-on demonstrations of their technologies on the iVT EXPO show floor will provide a unique educational experience for their primary customers.”


Tony Robinson is the Chairman of UKI Media & Events, the producers and organizers of iVT EXPO. When asked for comment on the partnership with NFPA, he said, “We are honored to have now been chosen to partner with the National Fluid Power Association of America. These are interesting times when electrification and automation are simultaneously both drivers and complexities of the off-highway vehicle industry and we warmly welcome NFPA to our event. The partnership will offer a greater opportunity for like-minded experts in design and engineering to work alongside one another at the event, and for member companies, there will be significant opportunities to participate as exhibitors.”


Full conference details will be available in May 2024. For more information about iVT EXPO, visit https://www.ivtexpo.com/usa/en/.