NFPA Executive Leadership Program

in partnership with Kellogg School of Business

The 2022-24 cohort of this popular program began in July 2022 and will run through June 2024 with the seven virtual and six in-person sessions. The sessions are modular and can be taken in any order. If you'd like to join this cohort mid-stream, contact Eric Lanke at

NFPA Executive Leadership Program Quick Facts

What it does: Designed to provide a fluid power industry-specific experience that accelerates leadership and fosters long-term connections, the session content focuses on both the hard and soft skills needed to create success for participants’ organizations and the fluid power industry as a whole.

Who it’s for: NFPA Future Leaders Network participants as well as other emerging leaders, directors, officers, and senior executives at NFPA member companies would benefit from taking part. You must be employed at an NFPA member company to participate.

Program Structure: To preserve the customized nature of the program, and to facilitate the creation of an ongoing learning community among the participants, the 2022-24 program will be limited and exclusively provided to a cohort of no more than 24 participants. All sessions will be led by world-class faculty who are also practitioners. Discussion and content for each will go beyond just the session dates to provide a high quality, highly interactive executive education experience.

Cost: The program registration cost is $15,000.

Questions about the program? Contact Eric Lanke at or (414) 778-3351.