Virtual Events

NFPA Virtual Events offer the chance to network with peers and make a difference in both your industry and association.

NFPA Meeting Etiquette

National Fluid Power Association Antitrust Compliance Guidelines apply to members in all association activities and programs.

However, there are other matters of etiquette and conduct not addressed by the Antitrust Guidelines that are also important to maintaining the association’s vision of inclusiveness and fairness as we all work together to fulfill the association’s mission.

The following policies apply to all NFPA meetings, conferences and related programs:

  • Members shall not schedule company-specific activities or events during an NFPA function which would interfere or conflict with participation in NFPA’s scheduled program.
  • Members may only distribute marketing collateral (digital or printed) when a specific and NFPA-sponsored exhibit opportunity is part of the event and only under the rules and guidelines established for that exhibit opportunity.
  • Members may not purport to represent, speak on behalf of or otherwise act as a representative of NFPA unless specifically authorized to do so by NFPA’s Board of Directors.
  • Adherence to these policies will ensure a successful and enjoyable meeting experience for everyone!