NFPA’s Stats Toolkit

The Stats Toolkit is the next generation of statistical tools offered by NFPA and available exclusively to our members. This cloud-based statistical toolkit expands our members’ economic view of their companies and the industry by combining NFPA data sources with popular analytical tools.

Toolkit Features

  • Intuitive interface
  • Simple setup process
  • Ability to save analysis configuration
  • Point-and-click menu options
  • Easy Export

What it Allows you to Do

  • Benchmark company performance
  • Automate time-consuming calculations
  • Conduct industry analysis
  • Identify leading indicators
  • Create custom forecasts

Reports and Analyses Include:

Market Trends IconMarket Trends
Analyze multiple data series to identify trends and benchmark performance


Market Share IconMarket Share
Identify company/product market share and industry segmentation


Correlation Analysis IconCorrelation Analysis
Use lead/lag relationships to discover leading indicators and recognize trend relationships


US Forecasting IconUS Forecasting
Create domestic shipment and order projections using a customer market weight allocation model


Global Forcasting IconGlobal Forecasting
Create global shipment and order projections using a country or region weight allocation model

Learn More About the Stats Toolkit:

Stats Toolkit offers statistical tools exclusively to NFPA members. This cloud-based platform is a highly valuable tool designed to compare your unique company data to market trends and recognize relationships within the fluid power industry.

NFPA membership and participation in NFPA’s Confidential Shipment Statistics (CSS) program are required to be eligible to access the Stats Toolkit. However, limited access to the Toolkit is available to those NFPA members not eligible to participate in the CSS program.

For additional information on the Toolkit, contact Economic & Statistical Services Manager Eric Armstrong at or 414-778-3372

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Questions? Problems? Contact Economic & Statistical Services Manager Eric Armstrong: / 414-778-3372

Eric Armstrong also offers a free Toolkit Review Webinar for a detailed walk-through of this valuable tool and what it can do for your company.