Help Drive NFPA’s New Business Intelligence Initiative

Business Intelligence Committee

A core benefit of membership with NFPA has long been the market statistics and economic data you need to develop plans for the next quarter, or the next year. Another core benefit has been the ability to get together with other members to develop helpful business relationships and share ideas.

But the world moves quickly, and often unpredictably. You still have decisions to make. Established data programs and networks have an important place, but can’t always provide the information you need to deal with the key and impactful issues that arise in the moment. We would like to become a source of more and better business intelligence for these circumstances.

For example, when the COVID-19 crisis and related shut-downs started this spring, we sought to bring useful business intelligence to members by conducting quick-turnaround surveys to gauge the impact and gather ideas from members on steps they were taking to manage the effects. We combined the results of the surveys with other sources, including National Association of Manufacturers review of state-by-state government actions, and relevant insights from consulting sources. We received a lot of positive feedback from members in response.

We want to build on this, but we need your help. We need a group of interested members to help guide these efforts, and that’s why we’re forming the new Business Intelligence Committee.  Because not all business intelligence needs are as obvious as in the COVID-19 example. What are the key issues of the moment for members, and what are some relevant pieces of information we need to gather from surveys of members or from other sources?

Contact Pete Alles at (414) 778-3350 or to help with this effort.