June 4 Virtual NFPA/FPIC Regional Conference Offers Interactivity Opportunities

NFPA/FPIC Regional Conference

With the June 4 NFPA/FPIC Conference quickly approaching, you may be curious about what the virtual version of this event will look like in terms of interactivity. During previous conferences, attendees had the opportunity to interact and connect with the presenters as well as each other. Despite no networking meals, name tags or exchange of business cards, the half-day Zoom webinar will have comparable opportunities for interacting with others.  

    • Live Questions & Answers: Zoom’s Q&A feature allows guests to type a question and receive real-time responses from the presenter. This is an excellent way to actively participate in the conversation and expand on the content being presented. 
    • Raise Hand: Zoom also offers the opportunity for attendees to “raise their hand” at which point they can be unmuted by the host and share their questions or comments with the group. This is a more personal option that gives speakers a better understanding of the audience they’re presenting to. 
    • Chat: When you have a comment to share but don’t want to interrupt the presentation, you can use the chat box to share your thoughts with panelists and attendees. This space is great for adding supplemental thoughts and information to continue the conversation forward as well as introducing yourself and making valuable connections with other attendees. 
    • Polling: Another way our team intends to engage the audience is through polls which attendees can easily respond to. After voting, the results can be made visible to attendees to jumpstart discussion. 

The NFPA appreciates the members of the fluid power industry who plan to join us in our venture with this new format. We intend to use all of the features available to ensure our attendees have an engaging, interactive experience. 

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Questions? Contact Maddie Parise at mparise@nfpa.com or (414) 259-2022.