Fluid Power Forum Explores Pump and Motor Advancements

Crane lifts materials

Episode 31 of Fluid Power Forum, NFPA’s fluid power industry-focused podcast, is now live. This episode features Jeff Watts and Kyle Capello of Bucher Hydraulics. Listen below to hear the two discuss the potential for improving pump and motor efficiency to keep hydraulics competitive. [button link=”https://fluidpowerforward.libsyn.com/pump-and-motor-advancements-solve-inefficiency-issues-and-keep-hydraulics-competitive” target=”blank” style=”primary”]Listen to the Podcast[/button] This fluid power industry-focused podcast highlights the people,…

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New Fluid Power Research: Variable AC Hydraulic Pump/Motor

We’ve written before about the fluid power research projects coming out of the Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power. Ten new research projects have recently been selected for funding, and a number of these new projects were presented at the Industry/University Engagement Summit at Iowa State. One such project is the Variable AC Hydraulic…

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