Spring 2023 Technical Advisory Group Update

The Technical Advisory Groups to ISO TC 131 Sub-Committee 4 and Sub-Committee 6 met this month in preparation for the International meetings being hosted in Frankfurt, Germany.  While the meetings in Germany are being held in person, the TAG meetings were held virtually via Zoom.  Following are some highlights from these meetings.

TAG to SC 4 Highlights

ISO 6062- 2Hydraulic fluid power — Flange connections with split or one-piece flange clamps and metric or inch screws — Part 2: Flange connectors, ports and mounting surfaces for use at a pressure of 42 MPa (420 bar), DN 13 to DN 76

The TAG resolved that the torque values on -40  increase to 750 NM and the -48 increase to 1600 NM for testing purposes.

Next meeting to be held in-person in Knoxville, TN on September 18th, 2023

TAG to SC 6 Highlights

ISO/SR 12669 – Hydraulic fluid power — Method for determining the required   cleanliness level (RCL) of a system TAG Discussed, consensus was to confirm for another 5 years.

A Presentation was given by Greg Zeien to propose the development of a standard for air removal from hydraulic fluid. There is more work to be done before this can be formally proposed to ISO, and Greg is working on that to be ready this Fall.

The next International meetings are to be hosted by the US, October 16th-20th, 2023. It is unclear at this time if they will be held in-person or virtually.  That decision will be made by the beginning of June and communicated to the TAG at that time.

Interested in joining the Technical Advisory Group (TAG)? Fill out the form below and/or Contact Allison Hade at ahade@nfpa.com

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