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Regional Demand Estimates

NFPA’s U.S. Fluid Power Regional Demand Estimates Report is an Excel-based report prepared for NFPA by Oxford Economics. The report profiles the estimated geographic distribution of fluid power products to end-use industries by state, including fluid power sales dollar estimates, fluid power sales percentage estimates, and number of establishments for each industry in every state.

This report uses input-output modeling techniques (inter-industry purchases of goods and services, produced domestically and abroad) to estimate the total U.S. demand for fluid power products. Fluid power products are primarily produced in NAICS codes 333995 (Fluid Power Cylinder and Actuator Manufacturing), 333996 (Fluid Power Pump and Motor Manufacturing), and 332912 (Fluid Power Valve and Hose Fitting Manufacturing).

A combination of the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) and County Business Pattern (CBP) data are used to estimate end-user industry employment, which is subsequently used to develop a proxy for industry output.  The state share of each industry’s respective employment is calculated for each end-user industry, identified from the input-output modeling technique detailed above.  This produces the share of fluid power demand for each industry in each state across the US.  The final estimated demand by state and industry is calculated by multiplying the national total demand for each industry from the I/O table by the industry-specific state employment share for each respective end-user industry.

NEW!  Hydraulic/Pneumatic Demand Weighting Worksheet: This file now contains a Hydraulic/Pneumatic Demand Weighting Worksheet that allows the user to apply hydraulic/pneumatic weighting to the total estimated U.S. geographic distribution of fluid power products to end-use industries to develop a better understanding of hydraulic/pneumatic product demand by state.

Important Note: The fluid power product data used in this report includes total U.S. demand of both aerospace and non-aerospace products.  Total U.S. demand includes both U.S. production and U.S. imports, but excludes U.S. exports (i.e. U.S. consumption).

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Data Applications

The data in this report can be used in:

  • Developing many marketing strategies and procedures
  • Benchmarking your company’s sales performance in a particular region against the industry total, which is defined by the data in this report
  • Determining sales targets and goals for your company.
How to Use Data

For example, a company that has developed a product that is particularly useful in machine tool manufacturing applications (NAICS 333517) may want to find out where machine tool manufacturers are located. This publication makes it clear that machine tool manufacturers in California, Ohio and Michigan account for 13%, 14%, and 14% (41% in sum) of U.S. demand for fluid power from that industry, respectively. This total, 41%, refers to 41% of $191.5 million, or $78.5 million in fluid power products are demanded by that industry in those three states, which can help this comp

FP Report Tools

The FP Demand Report tab in this file contains a couple tools that expand and contract the analysis by state and industry.  Clicking on the +/- symbol will expand/contract the analysis for each state or industry that the symbol is next to.  Clicking on the 2/1 in the upper left-hand corner will expand/contract the analysis for all the states or industries.

Data Sources

The data included in this report are derived from a variety of sources.

Production Data

  • BEA Input-Output Tables
  • BEA Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
  • IMPLAN (IMpact analysis for PLANning)

Employment Data

  • BLS Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW)
  • US Census County Business Patterns (CBP)


For more information about NFPA’s market information services, contact Pete Alles at or (414) 778-3350. For information on becoming an NFPA member, email

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