Pack Expo Presentation: Smart Pneumatics for Packaging Machines – Fluid Power Forum Episode 91 Now Live 

This episode features Frank Langro, the Director of Product Market Management, Pneumatic Automation, North America at Festo.

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Fluid Power Forum recently hosted an education program at PACK EXPO, the large trade show for the processing and packaging industry. Our event focused on Advanced Pneumatic Solutions for Packaging Machines. We had three great presenters from three pneumatic companies, each showcasing the latest technologies that are bringing these benefits to packaging and other industrial machine manufacturers.

One of those presenters was Frank Langro, the Director of Product Market Management for Pneumatic Automation at Festo, and what follows is a recording of the presentation he gave at our PACK EXPO session. If you want to follow along with Frank’s slides, we’ve put links in the show notes that will allow you to watch along with a video we’ve created, where we’ve done our best to sync up Frank’s recording with his slides.

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