Opportunities for NFPA Members to Hire for General Manufacturing Positions

I have heard from many NFPA members that in addition to looking for candidates to fill fluid power positions at their company, they are also always looking for people to fill general manufacturing jobs.

Because of this, I have been working to connect with contacts from other trade associations that could fill that need. This week, I talked with Greg Jones, who is the Vice President, Smartforce Development of AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology. Greg recommended several ways for NFPA members to get involved.

AMT Smartforce Development supports industry-recognized standards and credentials for specific job functions in general manufacturing, and they have done this over the years as industry stakeholders in NIMS. NIMS has smart credentials in many of the key job functions that are of most need among their members and customers. NIMS has a job board that Greg recommended if a company is looking for entry-level positions in general manufacturing.

AMT supports internships, mentorships and apprenticeships for their industry as well. AMT and NIMS support the new IRAP (Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Program) model of competency-based apprenticeships for the advanced manufacturing industry. This new program can make it much easier for companies to start their own apprenticeships. You can contact NIMS at (703) 352-4971 for more information.

Lastly, AMT’s Miles For Manufacturing fundraiser supports STEM Schools, FIRST® teams and community-based organizations which champion under-served, under-represented students. They support schools and programs that prepare students for careers in manufacturing technology. Avid cyclists can show their pride in manufacturing with a special Miles For Manufacturing bike jersey which can be ordered from their team shop. This year’s event takes place in October – register soon!

Please keep me informed if you become involved in any of these programs and feel free to contact me with questions at lbeyer@nfpa.com.

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