Here’s the Content and Networking You Can’t Miss at the June Quarterly Conference

The June 3 NFPA/FPIC Quarterly Conference is set to give attendees the industry connections and actionable insights they need to keep up with a changing technology landscape. The presentations will be conducted online via the Remo platform, and there will be no shortage of opportunities to interact with key industry players. The exclusive presentations will provide insight on advanced software and smart tools for fluid power component and system design and optimization.

Register* by May 31 to access the content you can’t find anywhere else. You can expect our expert speakers to offer relevant, applicable and practical information in the following presentations:

  • “Smart Methods to Solve Complex Hydraulic System Predictions” – Dave Persson, Owner/President, Hydrasoft Corp.
    • This presentation addresses “Smart Methods,” versus traditional numerical methods, to markedly improve speed, accuracy and reliability of the equation-solving process of complex large hydraulic systems. Hydro-mechanical complex equations are solved using numerical methods to obtain the time response. For example, a Bernoulli flow equation is simple by itself. However, when connected to a valve opening or closing, the momentum of the flow produces a flow force on the spool, which in turn produces motion, and simultaneously opens or closes the area of flow. This type of connectivity, along with others, lead to highly coupled differential equations to solve using “Smart Methods.”
  • “Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interaction in Pipes and Valves” – Dr. Siva Sashank Tholeti, Senior Application Engineer, COMSOL, Inc.
    • Fluid flow through pipes and valves forms an integral part of the hydraulic and pneumatic systems used in the fluid power industry. Numerical simulations can be used to better design these systems and predict their performance to effectively cut down on the experimental costs and in cases shorten the time of the design cycle. In the case of fluid flow through pipes and valves, it is not only important to resolve the fluid flow but it is also imperative to resolve the interaction with the surrounding structure. This presentation will demonstrate how to model turbulent flow of water through a spring-loaded ball check valve. This involves the use of Fluid-Structure Interaction multi-physics interface. The behavior of this valve is studied under varying functional and reverse flow conditions.
  • Integrated Design Technology with Data Management Strategy for Fluid Power Components” – Ing T. Hong, Ph.D., P.E., President, BarDyne, Inc.
    • Today’s fiercely competitive environment of industrial products requires companies to grasp the key factors of design integrity, consistency and expeditiousness early in the product development or upgrade stage to gain a market advantage. This presentation begins by introducing the integrated design principle and process. Next, the design data management strategy and implementation rationale that warrants design consistency is described. That is followed by an illustration of engineering optimization practices based on an expert system that focuses on “how to” formulate the “best” strategy to design a fluid power component that will expeditiously satisfy desired application service requirements. Finally, the design of a practical gerotor pump is used to demonstrate the underlying design technology and data management strategy addressed.

*This webinar is free to NFPA and FPIC members. Non-members are welcome to attend but will be charged a $100 fee upon registration.

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