Fluid Power Standards Experts Attend ISO/TC 131 Meetings Virtually This Year

Due to the pandemic, ISO standards meetings were held in a virtual setting this year. In October, 15 working groups (representing over 100 fluid power engineers from Italy, Sweden, France, Germany, Turkey, United Kingdom, Japan, China, Portugal, and the United States) came together to further the advancement of ISO standards projects focused on accumulators, sealing devices, contamination, hydraulic cylinders, product testing, and installations and systems.

With the meetings held in a virtual format, a number of new faces from the U.S. technical advisory group were able to join us at the international table this year. NFPA thanks all the U.S. participants and welcomes you to continue to be an active member of the ISO standards community.

A few of the notable projects include:

Recently Published Standards

  • ISO 23309:2020, Hydraulic fluid power systems — Assembled systems — Methods of cleaning lines by flushing
  • ISO 6358-1:2013/Amd 1:2020, Pneumatic fluid power — Determination of flow-rate characteristics of components using compressible fluids — Part 1: General rules and test methods for steady-state flow — Amendment 1: Effective conductance
  • ISO 18320:2020, Hydrometry — Measurement of liquid flow in open channels — Determination of the stage–discharge relationship
  • ISO 9110-1:2020, Hydraulic fluid power — Measurement techniques — Part 1: General measurement principles
  • ISO 9110-2:2020, Hydraulic fluid power — Measurement techniques — Part 2: Measurement of average steady-state pressure in a closed conduit

Undergoing Revision

  • ISO 8133:2014, Hydraulic fluid power — Mounting dimensions for accessories for single rod cylinders, 16 MPa (160 bar) compact series
  • ISO 7986:1977, Hydraulic fluid power — Sealing devices — Standard test methods to assess the performance of seals used in oil hydraulic reciprocating applications
  • ISO 3601-2:2016, Fluid power systems — O-rings — Part 2: Housing dimensions for general applications
  • ISO 8426:2008, Hydraulic fluid power — Positive displacement pumps and motors — Determination of derived capacity

New Work Items

  • ISO/TR 22164:2020, Hydraulic fluid power — Application notes for the optimization of the energy efficiency of hydraulic systems
  • ISO/TR 6049, Procedures used to certify the standard reference material SRM 2806d used in ISO 11171
  • ISO/TR 6057, Sample Calculations for ISO 11171
  • ISO 21287, Pneumatic fluid power — Cylinders — Compact cylinders, 1000 kPa (10 bar) series, bores from 20 mm to 100 mm


Several systematic reviews were also discussed, and resolutions taken to reconfirm and/or revise.

The TC 131, Fluid Power Systems 2021 spring meeting is scheduled to be another virtual meeting the week of May 17 – 21. If you would like to join one of the working groups here in the U.S.A. and/or to learn more about the development of fluid power ISO standards, contact Denise Husenica at (414) 778-3354 or email dhusenica@nfpa.com.

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