Fluid Power Presentation Featured in Utility Expo On-Demand Education Lineup

By Katrina Schwarz & Maddie Parise

Part of NFPA’s mission is to provide opportunities and resources for its members to promote the unique strengths and inherent advantages offered by modern fluid power technology. To this end, a new education program strategy targeting trade shows in key customer markets is set to add to our existing menu of programs and help further push fluid power content to targeted customer audiences.

The latest addition to this developing lineup of fluid power education sessions is now available as part of the on-demand education lineup for the 2021 Utility Expo. In a presentation previously featured on Fluid Power Forum, Paola Ipsa of Poclain Hydraulics discusses a hydraulic alternative to mechanical all-wheel drive systems. In this application, hydraulic technology ensures optimum mobility for trucks that need to work in difficult conditions and on irregular terrains while maintaining a standard truck’s steering and ride-height with less weight than other systems and minimal impact on fuel consumption, making the technology ideal for field, forest, construction and fire/rescue applications.

In conjunction with these efforts to enhance fluid power’s presence in key trade show education sessions, NFPA staff members Maddie Parise and Joe Zwier attended the in-person Utility Expo show in Louisville, Kentucky. From heavy-duty equipment demonstrations to valuable networking opportunities, they were able to learn more about fluid power technology and connect with NFPA members at what was one of the largest U.S. events of the year so far. 

The team met with dozens of NFPA member companies from across the country that came to the event to show off everything from individual hydraulic components to full-fledged fluid-powered machines. For many exhibitors, this was their first opportunity in over a year to interact with key industry players, and several members and attendees noted their excitement to once again be back at in-person events.

Overall, the in-person event was engaging, enriching and educational, both for NFPA staff members and show attendees. This engagement and education will continue through September 2022 with the on-demand education lineup, which is available to in-person event attendees with certain badge types as well as those wishing to purchase access separately. Learn more about the learning opportunity here.

Many thanks to Poclain Hydraulics for participating in Fluid Power Forum and in the Utility Expo presentation!

Keep an eye on NFPA News for more updates as this trade show education session lineup continues to develop and grow, and check out Fluid Power Forum and #OnlyFluidPowerCan for more unique fluid power applications.

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