NFPA’s Global Market Reports & Forecasts vs. NFPA’s International Data

Stats Fact of the Week: Week of February 18, 2019

Anyone that has visited NFPA’s Market Information Resource Menu has probably noticed something a bit counter intuitive: there is an area for global market reports & forecasts and another area for international data. So, what’s the difference between these two areas?

Primarily, the difference is the type of materials each one offers. While NFPA has always been viewed as the leading source of U.S. fluid power industry data, prior to 2013, member interest in global market information was marginal, and the association only had two resources available concerning fluid power data outside the United States, or “International Fluid Power Data.”

[panel style=”box”]International Fluid Power Data

NFPA’s Foreign Trade Report – an annual report that contains U.S. fluid power imports and exports data broken down by country and product, as well as a trade summary snapshot of the industry’s foreign trade activity.

ISC Annual Consumption Report – an annual report that measures fluid power consumption by country/region with product-level detail, reported by international fluid power trade associations.[/panel]

By 2013, member interest in global market information had intensified. In response, NFPA sought to strengthen its market information resources even further through a partnership with Oxford Economics, one of the world’s foremost independent global advisory firms and provider of reports, forecasts, and analytical tools on the global economy. “NFPA’s Global Market Reports & Forecasts” are a collection of global market reports that allow members to explore every angle of the global marketplace.

[panel style=”box”]Global Market Reports & Forecasts

Oxford Special Reports – an ever-updating collection of the global marketplace’s hottest topics.

Global Fluid Power Report and Forecast – a customized quarterly report that measures the potential global demand for fluid power products and includes a global macro summary, by-country market forecasts and analysis, and by-country fluid power forecasts.

Global Industry Forecasts – quarterly reports that examine nine key customer markets and include market analysis and forecasts for 68 countries.

Global Industry Briefings – monthly reports that examine nine customer markets and include the latest developments in key world economies and month-to-month output numbers and forecasts.

By-Country Briefings and Forecasts – quarterly country-specific reports that examine 68 individual countries and include a global macro summary, detailed data and analysis of customer markets, and customer market forecasts.

World Economic Prospects Report – monthly reports that include highlights and key issues for each country’s economic situation and prospects, including explanations of the main factors involved.[/panel]

NFPA now offers a line-up of market information resources that provide members critical information on the economic risks and opportunities facing both the domestic and global fluid power marketplace.

Questions? Contact Eric Armstrong at or (414) 778-3372. Eric Armstrong also offers a free Global Market Data Walk-Through Webinar for those individuals who would like a detailed walk-through of these valuable resources.

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