COVID-19 Economic Impact Resources: Global Market Reports & Forecasts

The fluid power industry is in a challenging global economic environment with the COVID-19 pandemic, and now more than ever, NFPA members need proper resources to evaluate challenges and anticipate economic trends. For the last couple months, NFPA has alerted members to a variety of COVID-19 economic impact resources. The most deepest and most relevant resources for the fluid power industry are NFPA’s Global Market Reports and Forecasts.

NFPA’s Global Market Reports and Forecasts are an member exclusive benefit and are a collection of monthly and quarterly global market reports that present the global marketplace from a variety of angles. These reports and resources are prepared by Oxford Economics, one of the world’s foremost independent global advisory firms and provider of reports, forecasts and analytical tools on the global economy:


Special Oxford Webinars: This assortment of Oxford Economic webinar recordings and slides concentrates solely on the economic impact of COVID-19, ranging from a broader global economic impact to a more specific U.S. regional impact. New webinar recordings/slides are added as they become available. For members with interest in U.S. regional impacts of COVID-19, the “US Cities and Regions Outlook” webinar discusses the economic and industrial factors driving localized outlooks and identifies which areas are more prone to downside risks.


Special Oxford Reports: This collection of Oxford Research Briefings currently examines multiple topics about the economic impact of COVID-19 in a summarized format with critical highlights as well as relevant graphs and charts. Like the webinars mentioned above, these research briefings are updated on a regular basis.


Global Fluid Power Report and Forecast: A customized quarterly report for everyone in the fluid power supply chain that includes a global macro summary, by-country end user demand forecasts & analysis, and by-country hydraulic and pneumatic demand forecasts.  Unlike typical sales and production forecasts, this report’s demand forecast measures anticipated demand, or consumption of end user and fluid power products, which helps NFPA members identify the potential for conducting business in the specific country.


Global Industry Briefings: Monthly reports that examine eleven end user sectors and include the latest developments in key world economies and month-to-month output numbers & forecasts. These briefings are key to understanding timely global events that may have a positive/negative effect on dealings with global end user sectors.


Global Industry Forecasts: Quarterly reports that examine fourteen key end user sectors in 69 countries and include:

  • 5-year forecast for all 69 countries,
  • Key driver analysis,
  • Top 10 fastest & slowest growing countries,
  • Macro risks & rewards review,
  • Major economy highlights (China, US, Eurozone, UK, India, and Japan),
  • Global end use sector share by country,
  • And 5-year projected sector output by country.

These reports are essential to understanding the outlook for our industry’s global end use sectors.


By-Country Briefings and Forecasts: 69 quarterly country specific reports that examine the economic conditions surrounding each individual country and include:

  • End use sector highlights,
  • Top 10 fastest & slowest growing end use sectors,
  • Growth potential for a variety of end use sectors,
  • Country manufacturing and GDP end use sector share,
  • 5-year forecast for each end use sector segments

These reports are essential to understanding the outlook for our industry’s by-country end use sectors.


World Economic Prospects Report: Monthly reports that present an economic overview and 5-year forecast concerning the major economies around the globe that include highlights and key issues for each country’s economic standing and prospects, including explanations of the main factors and drivers involved. A valuable resource for those NFPA members simply looking for general economic highlights surrounding the world’s major economies.


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Questions and inquiries about COVID-19 Economic Impact Resources can be directed to Eric Armstrong at or (414) 778-3372.

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