NFPA Student Career Connections…

…Another way to reach out to the industry leaders of tomorrow!

This two-year-old program strives to make connections between students and the fluid power industry by opening the doors of local fluid power companies to students interested in learning more about how the fluid power industry functions.

Student Career Connections is an entirely FREE program and can be done during a class time period or made into a full or half day event. The program’s flexibility allows endless opportunities to make the event successful and beneficial to both the school and the member organization. Teachers and industry representatives will work together to choose what would be the most convenient and beneficial activities for them:

  • Company Tour: Students tour a local company for a look inside the engineering industry
  • Employee Q&A: Engineers explain to students what “a day in the life” is like, how they got into the industry, etc.
  • Team Project: Engineers work with students to help assemble a basic, premade fluid power classroom kit
  • Group lunch

It is all about joining together fluid power companies and local students and exposing students to the industry to help create the engineers and technicians of tomorrow!

Schools, teachers, parents and NFPA members can learn more about Student Career Connections today by contacting Arlen Garcia at or visiting the Student Career Connections site.

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