NFPA Member Company Profile: Cross Company

Each week we publish a short company profile of an NFPA member as a way for us to highlight the diversity and strength of our industry. Today’s company is Cross Company.

Cross Company logoCross Company’s specialty is applying a wide range of technologies to improve machine and manufacturing process performance. The company has four company divisions, each specializing in a specific area.  In these divisions, Cross Company has two groups involved in fluid power.  The Hydraulics Group applies and sells hydraulic components, custom power units, custom manifolds and electronic control systems to an OEM customer base.  The Automation Group applies and sells pneumatic components, custom panels, robotics and electronic control systems to a group of customers that is roughly 50/50 OEM and MRO.  Both groups have a technical outside sales force that is backed up by a group of application engineers that specialize in different areas of technology.  Cross Company has been an NFPA member since 2011.  Rock Able, President-Fluid Power Group, has been a vocal supporter of the Association and is featured in this video promoting the benefits of membership. Cross Company representatives also attend both the NFPA Annual Conference and the NFPA Industry and Economic Outlook Conference.  Their support also includes donations to the NFPA Education and Technology Foundation.

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