NFPA Grant Program Makes a Difference – Teacher Testimonials

Fluid Power Action ChallengeThe NFPA Education and Technology Foundation awards grants to middle and high schools to facilitate hydraulics and pneumatics instruction. Grant awards defray the costs related to the educational aspects of the Fluid Power Action Challenge Program—either for the fluid power kits for classroom use or for participation in the Fluid Power Action Challenge event. Below are a excerpts from the teachers across the country who have received awards.

“What was fun for all three teams was watching how, despite having the same goal, each group built a different device! They learned the importance of practice and teamwork – especially on competition day! Fluid power is a great and fun academic, scientific, and social challenge. ” -Teacher, Minnesota

“They were surprised at the power in such a small syringe/piston configuration and enjoyed testing the difference with air and water. A seventh grader summed up the experience, ‘It took a lot of time [to build it], but it’s worth it in the end’”. -Teacher, Georgia

“Students learned the principles of fluid power, the engineering process, and collaboration and teamwork skills.” -Teacher, Wisconsin

Fluid Power Action Challenge“Students developed problem solving-skills while learning about possible applications of fluid power.  They also learned about careers related to engineering, manufacturing, and fabrication.” -Teacher, Pennsylvania

 [Students] were asked to work cooperatively with small groups, manage time, design using a CAD program, and document data. They did this for seven weeks within the school classroom. We were able to integrate this program across our curriculum, which included Science, Language Arts, and Math. The experience of competing with their designs put a unique pressure on them, which gives students a real world  view of what it might be like to work in a field related to fluid power. –Teacher, Michigan

“The students loved working together and helping each other succeed.” Teacher, Delaware

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