U.S. Technical Advisory Groups Hold Fall Meetings

fluid power standardization

September has been a busy month for the fluid power U.S. Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs). Forty-one committee members from the U.S. TAG to Subcommittee 4 – Connectors and Couplings came together the week of September 10 in Louisville, Kentucky and 23 committee members of the U.S. TAG to Subcommittee 6 – Contamination control reconvened the week of September 16 in Bristol, Rhode Island to continue ISO-related standards development. The TAG to SC 8 – Product testing also met via teleconference to continue its work.

In both of the in-person meetings, the focus was on deliverables for the October 2019 meetings in Milan, Italy where U.S. experts will meet with worldwide engineering counterparts.

Highlights from the meetings:

ISO 11926 series, Connections for general use and fluid power: The U.S. is recommending revisions for all three parts of this standard to include the addition of an interchangeability warning clause.

ISO/TS 11619, Polyurethane tubing for use primarily in pneumatic installations — Dimensions and specification. The U.S. feels that this technical specification should become an ISO standard. The U.S. experts are also recommending that a similar standard should be written for polyamide tubing.

ISO 11171, Calibration of automatic particle counters for liquids: An International Interlaboratory Study (ILS) has concluded and the analysis will be presented in October to address the following:

  • Measure the intra-company repeatability and inter-company reproducibility of particle count data obtained using automatic particle counters calibrated with Draft ISO DIS 11171:2019.
  • Generate particle count data to be used by NIST to certify consensus standard SRM 2806d that will report sizes in units of μm(c).
  • Generate particle count data for NIST RM 8632a that will be used to update Table A.1 in the standard.

ISO 23369 Filter multi-pass test under cyclic flow conditionsThe results of the ILS will be presented during the October meeting addressing the following:

  • Measure the intra-company repeatability and inter-company reproducibility of data obtained using the procedures of ISO/DIS 23369:2013 along with particle counters calibrated with the ISO/DIS 11943:2013 with traceability to ISO 11171: evaluating fine and course filters with ISOMTD and ISOFTD.

ISO 8426, Hydraulic fluid power — Positive displacement pumps and motors — Determination of derived capacity. The U.S. continues to work on updating this standard to include data from the current math modeling round robin. An analysis of the data is underway and will be presented during a 2020 ISO/SC 8 meeting.

If you would like to get involved in the U.S. ISO standards development process, please contact Denise Husenica at dhusenica@nfpa.com.