U.S. Technical Advisory Group for Connectors and Couplings Convenes

fluid power standardization

The U.S. Technical Advisory (TAG) to Subcommittee 4 – Connectors and Couplings recently met in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Thirty-two committee members came together to continue the U.S. ISO standards fluid power connectors-related development work.

The committee members focused their efforts on the deliverables for the upcoming fall TC 131/SC 4 meetings in Frankfurt, Germany. In October, five representatives from the U.S. TAG will meet with worldwide engineering counterparts. A new work item proposal by the U.K. experts is expected to standardize hose length tolerances in ISO 17165‑1:2007 (Hydraulic fluid power — Hose assemblies — Part 1: Dimensions and requirements).

Several systematic reviews were balloted for review this year. The results and comments will be discussed and resolved during the ISO meeting.

Along with ISO 6162-2 and ISO 8434-1 mentioned in the last update, the following standards were also published in 2018:

  • ISO 6164, Hydraulic fluid power — Four-screw, one-piece square flange connections for use at pressures of 42 MPa, DN 25 to 80.
  • ISO 17165-2, Hydraulic fluid power — Hose assemblies — Part 2: Practices for hydraulic hose assemblies
  • ISO/DTS 18409, Hydraulic fluid power — Hose and hose assemblies — Method of collecting a fluid sample for analyzing the cleanliness of a hose or hose assembly

If you would like to get involved in the U.S. ISO standards development process, please contact Denise Husenica at dhusenica@nfpa.com.