U.S. Technical Advisory Group for Connectors and Couplings Convenes

fluid power standardization

The U.S. Technical Advisory (TAG) to Subcommittee 4 – Connectors and Couplings recently met in San Antonio, Texas. Thirty-four committee members came together to continue the U.S. ISO standards fluid power connectors-related development work.

The committee members focused their efforts on the deliverables for the upcoming fall TC 131/SC 4 meetings in Milan, Italy. In October, six representatives from the U.S. TAG will meet with worldwide engineering counterparts.

Seven Systematic Reviews resulted in confirmation of the standards for another five years. Three additional standards will close in the coming months. The U.S. is proposing some changes to the ISO 11926 series, Connections for general use and fluid power — Ports and stud ends with ISO 725 threads and O-ring sealing to include a caution statement and add size 5/16-24 thread port to the standard.  Ballot results and comments will be discussed and resolved during the ISO meeting.

The following standard was published in December 2018:

ISO 6150:2018, Pneumatic fluid power — Cylindrical quick-action couplings for maximum working pressures of 1 MPa, 1,6 MPa, and 2,5 MPa (10 bar, 16 bar and 25 bar) — Plug connecting dimensions, specifications, application guidelines and testing.

There are a number of standards that the U.S. would like to propose changes to over the next year. The changes will be included in upcoming Systematic Reviews and/or presented to the ISO community in October as future new work items.

If you would like to get involved in the U.S. ISO standards development process, please contact Denise Husenica at dhusenica@nfpa.com.