U.S. Standards Technical Advisory Groups Convene During IFPE 2017

IFPE 2017 Standards Meetings

IFPE 2017 was the site of two standards development committee meetings this past March.  Members from NFPA and SAE came together to discuss current and future ISO standards projects in:

  • Contamination control – filtration
  • Connectors – port and fitting ends, flange port connectors, hydraulic and pneumatic quick-action couplings, test methods for fluid power hose assemblies, and other connector-related products and components.

Committee members included both NFPA and non-NFPA members from throughout the fluid power industry. Engineering experts represented numerous companies, ranging from media suppliers (such as Ahlstrom, H&V, and Lydall), filter manufacturers (such as Donaldson, Mann+Hummel, Kuss, Pall, Parker, and Cummins), test system manufacturers, and independent test labs in contamination control. Connectors experts came from Caterpillar, Eaton, Gates Corporation, Main Manufacturing, Curtis Products, John Deere, Parker Hannifin, and Tru-Line Manufacturing.

Highlights from the two meetings included:

U.S. TAG to TC 131/SC 6 – Contamination control
Committee members were given project updates and discussed the next steps for 15 current projects – including how the U.S. should cast its vote for each of the projects in the upcoming ISO meetings.

Work continued on a new work item for a technical report related to ISO 11171, the calibration of automatic particle counters for liquids. Committee members also continued their discussion on an international inter-laboratory testing being conducted to determine the particle contamination level by the gravimetric method (ISO 4405.)  Another round robin test will begin soon on ISO 23369, filter multi-pass test under cyclic flow conditions.

U.S. TAG to TC 131/SC 4 – Connectors
The TAG to SC 4 reviewed and discussed 30 connector-related ISO projects, including adding caution statements to several hydraulic ports and stud ends standards.

A committee draft of ISO 17165-2, Hydraulic fluid power – Hose assemblies – Part 2: Practices for hydraulic hose assemblies was also discussed at length. A recommendation was submitted to change the shelf life of hose to four years plus two years for hose assemblies. The U.S. does not agree to this change, but as a minimum would like to add the following caveat to the present text: “unless otherwise specified by the hose manufacturer.”

The next Filtration meeting is scheduled for June 13 – 15, 2017 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

The next Connectors meeting is scheduled for September 11, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee.

NFPA is the secretariat to ISO technical committee (TC 131) on fluid power systems and administrator for 11 fluid power ANSI U.S. Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs). Members interested in learning how they may participate on the ISO standards development committees should contact Denise Rockhill at drockhill@nfpa.com.

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