Standards Development activity for July 2014

ISO/TC 131 Meetings in San Antonio

A number of ISO draft International Standards related to connectors,  cylinders, and contamination control have been circulated for ballot.  Two new working drafts (WD) are currently being considered by their respective U. S. TAG committees:

ISO/WD 1552 – Basic, mounting and accessory dimensions for 1000 kPa pneumatic cylinders with bores from 32 mm to 320 mm and detachable mountings – U. S. TAG ballot closes 2014-09-01. This International Standard established a metric series of basic, mounting and accessories dimensions as required for interchangeability of single or double rod pneumatic cylinders with or without provision for magnetic sensors for a maximum rated pressure of 1 000 kPa (10 bar). It applies to pneumatic cylinders with detachable mountings.

ISO/WD 12669 – Method for determining the required cleanliness level [RCL] for a hydraulic system [to become a Technical Specification] – U. S. TAG ballot closes 2014-08-24. This ISO Technical Specification has been developed to provide a uniform and consistent procedure for selecting the RCL for a particular system. It takes the user of this procedure through a series of conditions that best describe the system for which the RCL is required and the RCL is selected on this basis.

To learn about NFPA and ISO Standards (draft, published, or withdrawn) relevant to fluid power go to NFPA’s Standards Locator.

For more information on NFPA’s involvement on the development Standards, please contact Denise Rockhill at

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