Standards Development Activity for April 15, 2014

Hydraulic Cylinders
Two ISO draft International Standards related to cylinders have been circulated for ballot:
  1. ISO/DIS 4393 (basic series of piston strokes for fluid power cylinders [revision of ISO 4393:1978]) – U.S. TAG ballot closes 2014-05-12.
  2. ISO/DIS 6020-2 (mounting dimensions for 16 MPa compact hydraulic single rod cylinders [revision of ISO 6020-2:2006]) – U.S. TAG ballot closes 2014-04-28.

Both of these standards cover dimensional interchangeability, which benefits users by allowing them to purchase hydraulic cylinders from multiple suppliers, and manufacturers of these cylinders to benefit from the economies of scale afforded by the standards.

For more information, please contact Denise Rockhill ( or Karen Boehme (

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