Schmalz Inc. Visits Local High Schools, Offers Apprenticeship Opportunities


In partnership with NCTAP, the North Carolina Triangle Apprenticeship Program, Schmalz Inc. is in the process of visiting 20-30 schools in the greater Raleigh, North Carolina area and inviting them all to attend several open house events. These events are intended to introduce interested 11th grade students to available apprenticeship opportunities. Schmalz Inc. signs on apprentices for a special four-year program that leads to an associate degree in mechanical engineering from Wake Tech. Last year they took on one apprentice from a local high school, and this summer they plan to take on two more.

Offering apprenticeships is one of many ways to build relationships with educators and introduce students to careers in fluid power. NFPA helps connect members with schools in their local communities. To get started, contact Stephanie at And if your company already offers internships or apprenticeships for high school or college students, tell us your story!