Project Provides Load-Handling Hydraulic Machines Oscillation Dampening with System Diagnostics

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The fluid power research projects coming out of the Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power (CCEFP) have continued to progress, and all ten of the newly funded projects were presented at the CCEFP Industry-University Summit in April 2017. The Control and Prognostic of Electrohydraulic Machines project was presented by Riccardo Bianchi, a PhD student at Purdue University. The progress made on this project has improved control of electrohydraulic machines by combining oscillation dampening with system diagnostic and prognostic functions.

Project Premise: This project has focused on investigating advanced electro-hydraulic techniques to optimize adaptive control, reduce application oscillations, and conduct hydraulic system diagnostics and prognostics under different operating conditions. It will investigate both hydraulic crane and wheel loader applications for controlling oscillations that occur in those types of machinery.

Recent Progress and Next Steps: So far a new hydraulic system and controller for independent metering have been designed and installed on the machine. Researchers have also developed a lumped parameter simulation model of the machine and defined a diagnostic algorithm for simulation. Next steps to further refine the project include:

  • More experimental testing of the proposed control and prognostic approach.
  • Further methodology definition for the best features and sensors.

See the presentation slides from the summit below:

Watch for project updates as the project progresses.

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