Pneumatic pressure regulator reliability standard updated

pneumatic system

The second edition of the International Standard for assessing the reliability of pneumatic pressure regulators, ISO 19973-4:2014, was published in March 2014.

The standard provides test procedures for assessing the reliability of pneumatic pressure regulators by testing, using the general test conditions and calculation method from ISO 19973-1. ISO 19973-4 applies to manually adjustable and remote-piloted pressure regulators, both relieving and non-relieving, but does not apply to pressure regulators that have a permanent bleed. The standard also specifies test equipment and failure criteria (threshold levels) for tests to assess the reliability of pneumatic pressure regulators.

ISO 19973-4 provides users of pneumatic components with a standardized method for assessing and expressing the reliability of pneumatic pressure regulators; this allows them to determine if a particular component is suitable for the application and to compare the reliability of components from different manufacturers.

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