NFPA Publishes 2015 Update to its Technology Roadmap for the Fluid Power Industry

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Eric Lanke NFPA CEO

By Eric Lanke


A new publication, the 2015 NFPA Technology Roadmap: Improving the Design and Function of Fluid Power Components and Systems, has been published by the National Fluid Power Association. Copies can be downloaded after a brief registration process from the following website: 

The NFPA Technology Roadmap is a document that describes a research and technology development agenda to realize industry-elevating advancements in mobile hydraulics, industrial hydraulics, and pneumatics. It focuses on advancements that will help the industry meet the future needs of its customers, expand fluid power into new customer markets, and attract the best and brightest students to the field.

NFPA published its first Roadmap in August 2009, a second, updated version in 2012, and now publishes the third, updated version in 2015. All three documents were the result of a collaborative process that engaged a wide cross-section of the fluid power industry to identify areas of consensus regarding the research and development needs of the fluid power industry.

The 2015 NFPA Technology Roadmap is a tool that can be used by organizations that wish to pursue projects of importance to the fluid power industry. These organizations include both research institutions and companies across the fluid power supply chain. By aligning their activities with the challenges, objectives, and proposed projects described in the Roadmap, they will all play a role in positively shaping the future of fluid power technology.

NFPA will use the Roadmap to shape and direct the research efforts of the NFPA Education & Technology Foundation and the Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power.

By putting forth the Roadmap, representing a broad consensus of industry players, and focusing on pre-competitive initiatives that will help develop new technologies to benefit the industries, markets, and people served by fluid power, NFPA demonstrates a commitment both to collaboration and to long-term growth and sustainability.


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