NFPA Provides Opportunities for Its Members to Promote Fluid Power

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By Eric Lanke
NFPA President/CEO

The NFPA Board of Directors met the week of June 18, 2018, for its annual strategic retreat. There they reviewed the program successes NFPA achieved in its 2017-18 fiscal year. In this post, I would like to share with our membership some of those successes, especially those associated with NFPA’s third major objective: Providing opportunities and resources for its members to promote the unique strengths and inherent advantages offered by modern fluid power technology.

IFPE: In this, our first down year between shows in our three-year cycle, our goal was simply to set goals for IFPE 2020. This we did in partnership with the IFPE Management Committee, who agreed with our efforts to increase the industrial focus and draw of the show. In terms of the number of NFPA members exhibiting at the show, our goal is to maintain at least the 155 who exhibited in 2017, and to ensure that at least ten percent of them are exhibiting products for industrial applications. In terms of the numbers of executive or engineering decision-makers visiting the show, our goal is to grow the mobile-focused segment by three percent and the industrial-focused segment by 25 percent.

Annual Report: For this new program, our goal was to increase the fluid power promotional content that the report contains and to set a baseline by measuring the number of downloads by NFPA members and their use of it as a promotional tool in their networks. These goals were accomplished, with 124 members downloading the enhanced report and 38 of them sharing it in their marketing networks.

Social Media: For this new program, our goal was to increase the number of fluid power promotional posts that NFPA is posting to Twitter and LinkedIn, and to set a baseline by measuring the number of shares by NFPA members. These goals were accomplished, with an average of six members sharing our promotional tweets and an average of one member sharing our LinkedIn posts.

We know that fluid power is a workhorse of the U.S. economy – a cross-cutting technology of choice for dozens of industries and hundreds of applications. But too much of the rest of the world doesn’t. The three programs described above are designed to be promotional tools that both NFPA and our members can use to help promote our industry and its technology to broader audiences. If you would like your company to become more engaged with NFPA, please reach out to me at or (414) 778-3351.