NFPA Grants Bring Fluid Power to Students in Tampa Bay

Grants recipient in Tampa

Grants recipient The Fluid Power Action Challenge not only reaches students in traditional classrooms, but has also engaged students who are homeschooled. The Tampa Bay HEAT Homeschool group recently received a grant from NFPA, which enabled teacher Samantha Porter Lerch to lead her students in learning about and creating fluid power designs. Samantha shared the fun ways she brought fluid power to elementary and middle school students:

“Students in our homeschool group participated in two school challenges. They were broken up into 3 age groups: 6-8, 9-11, and 12-14 y/o. The first challenge was to design a catapult that threw the object the furthest and the second challenge was to build a car lift for a garage. The kids had lots of fun creating, designing and competing. We are going to have more challenges this semester too! Thanks for all the help! Sincerely, Tampa Bay HEAT homeschool group.”

If you have a story to share, or would like to learn more about how NFPA grants can help your local schools, please contact Lynn Beyer at or 414-778-3364.

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