NFPA Foundation Funds “IRON MAN” Servo Arm

Montanta State University Servo Arm

Last semester, students in the ETME 430 Fluid Power Systems Design class at Montana State University constructed three lab apparatus projects. The entire effort, Automation Lab Project, was made possible through a teaching grant from the NFPA Education and Technology Foundation. With the funds, the school purchased a programmable logic controller (PLC), sensors and valves, and used other equipment they had on hand to build three projects:

  1. PID Position Feedback Control—A pneumatic gripper on the end of a horizontal pneumatic cylinder.
  2. PLC Controlled Pick-and-Place Robot—A small robot to sort blocks based on material (metal or plastic).
  3. Servo Arm—A hydraulic servo arm that can by worn by a student.

Read about the Automation Lab Project.

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