NFPA Foundation Brings Fluid Power to an Illinois School

IMG_5659 Kyle Jacobson, an Oak Prairie Junior High STEM Teacher in Illinois, was awarded a grant of $250 from the NFPA Education and Technology Foundation. With this money Kyle purchased Pneumatic Rotating Arm kits and Rotating Base kits from Mechanical Kits Ltd. These kits were used as part of the STEM Lab curriculum for eighth graders in September of this year.

“The students had to figure out how to work together and how to divide the work between one another. The hardest part for them was to figure out what to do if a part broke or how to make it right again, if a mistake was made.”

Kyle said that the knowledge gained with the classroom kits will give his students the information they need in order to be successful in this year’s 2014 NFPA Fluid Power Challenge hosted by NFPA member, Deltrol Fluid Products, in Palatine, IL.

Please promote the NFPA Foundation Fluid Power Challenge grant to teachers in your community! For more information

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