NFPA Foundation Awards Three Teaching Grants For The 2015 Fall Semester

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Grant The NFPA Education and Technology Foundation has awarded three teaching grants that will begin in fall 2015. The objective of these teaching grants is to engage students in learning about fluid power, encourage teaching resources, connect talented students to our industry and foster ongoing forums between educators and industry.

  •  Student Activity Based Learning Project, Antigone Sharris, Triton College  –  The primary goal of this project is for students build a fluid power system and understand its components and how it works.
  •  Enhanced Hydraulics and Pneumatics Training Initiative, George Evans, Kaskaskia College – The primary goal of this project is to provide students with a solid foundation in advanced hydraulics and pneumatics through lab-based, hands-on experience.
  • Fluid Power Trainer, Joseph Otte, Ivy Tech Community College – Columbus  – The primary goal of this project is to enhance student awareness of hydraulic systems, provide an environment of teamwork and collaboration and develop various skills during the planning and assembly of the trainer.


For information about the projects and how you can get involved, please contact Sue Chase.

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