NFPA Dues Renewal Invoices Are on Their Way

Dues Renewal Time

A reminder to watch your mail for the NFPA 2015-16 Membership Renewal invoices sent out on May 14. To many, it’s a rare occurrence to actually have hard copies arrive via the Postal Service so we wanted to give our members a head’s up. The NFPA fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30, so dues renewals will be due on July 1. Keeping your company’s membership up-to-date is important for many reasons, but as we ramp up for the 2017 IFPE show, it’s critical that your company maintains continuous membership to qualify for the NFPA Member exhibit rate.

This is also the perfect opportunity to let us know about personnel changes or Company Profile changes for the NFPA Member Directory. You may make changes to this information by logging into the Members Only section and looking under the Directories section. Questions? Contact Leslie Miller or (414) 778-3369.

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