New testing platform at WNE promotes pneumatic research

One of the teaching grants from the NFPA Education and Technology Foundation went to Western New England University (WNE) for the Development of a Servo-Pneumatic Experimental and Learning Platform. Some materials for the project were donated by Enfield Technologies.

The main goal is to design and build a servo-pneumatic testing platform that can be used for undergraduate-level research as well as lab activities and demonstrations for some courses in the ME department. This picture shows a senior ME student working on the system.

According to Jose Riofrio, Assistant Professor at WNE, “With the system being built through this project, I will be able to provide hands-on demonstrations of applied industrial pneumatics, particularly position applications using double-acting cylinders and 4-way valves. Additionally, using high-speed proportional valves from Enfield Technologies, I can take this further and demonstrate servo-control by incorporating a full-stroke position feedback sensor. For even more advanced control applications, students can add pressure sensors and design their own control systems. This will be useful for several courses, both at the undergraduate and graduate level.”

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