MSOE Hosts 11th Annual Fluid Power Action Challenge

MSOE Fluid Power Action Challenge Champions 2019

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On November 11, 2019 Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) hosted 26 student teams from Milwaukee-area schools to compete in their 11th annual NFPA Fluid Power Action ChallengeWheatland Center School (WCS) won the Overall Champion Award at the event.

Students had five weeks after workshop day to work on their prototypes and create their portfolio before returning to MSOE to compete on challenge day. Each team was judged based on safety, teamwork, portfolio, interview questions and the functionality of their machine on the challenge board.

This was the third year that WCS had competed, and it had three teams in this year’s competition. In an article released by West of the I, student Mason Biehn said, It was easier this year because I knew what to expect, but it was still challenging to build an efficient machine to accomplish the task.”

Another student, Jani Beck, said, “The constraints and project management were the toughest parts of this project. Once we had a plan for our prototype, it was much easier to get everyone involved and ready for challenge day. I would definitely recommend this project to others.”

Kandi Horton, WCS teacher, said, “It was an incredible experience. Wheatland students have progressively improved their performance in this challenge. It is a high pressure, timed situation with a small margin for error, and they came through in a big way. I am always amazed at the commitment students give during the process and how they push through failure to achieve success.”

Judges, volunteers and sponsors of the event included MSOE, Bosch Rexroth, CEJN Industrial Group, FORCE America, GS Global Resources, HUSCO International, JM Grimstad, Poclain Hydraulics and Precision Plus.

Congratulations to WCS and all of the category winners and thank you to all of the sponsors, volunteers, organizers, students and teachers for making this event successful!

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