Meet Stephen Featherman, Former Fluid Power Scholar, Now Fluid Power Industry Professional

Stephen Featherman, former Fluid Power Scholar

Eric Lanke NFPA CEO

By Eric Lanke


One of my highlights from the recent meeting of the Fluid Power Advanced Manufacturing Consortium was meeting Stephen Featherman of Sun Hydraulics.


Stephen Featherman, former Fluid Power Scholar Because Stephen is a former participant in the CCEFP’s Fluid Power Scholars Program—the program that takes industry-identified interns and sends them to a fluid power “boot camp” at MSOE before working at the company location for the summer. Doing so helps orient the interns to our industry and our technology and greatly increases their interest in fluid power and their likelihood of being hired by the sponsoring company.

And although Stephen is the first former “Scholar” now working in industry that I’ve met, he’s not the only one out there. According to Alyssa Burger, the CCEFP’s manager of this program, Fluid Power Scholars has a 75% success rate of moving young people into our industry.

Want to learn more about how your company can increase its intern placement rate? Go to the Fluid Power Scholars website or contact Alyssa at or 612-624-4991.

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