Meet a Fluid Power Scholarship Winner—Thomas Wallace

NFPA Education and Technology Foundation

The NFPA Education and Technology Foundation recently awarded $2,000 scholarships to students pursuing fluid power technology fields of study.
Here’s one of the winners, Thomas Wallace. He is continuing his studies at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. We asked Thomas about winning the scholarship . . .

What does winning this Fluid Power Scholarship mean to you?
Winning the fluid power scholarship was an incredible honor. It was very gratifying knowing that my hard work had paid off and that I would be able to breathe easier next semester with tuition help from this scholarship. It also showed me the dedication the NFPA has towards growing the fluid power family and continuing a tradition of success.

Why did you choose to learn about fluid power?
I have always been interested in technical subjects, so the fluid power industry gave me an incredible opportunity to practice what I had learned in school in a hands-on environment. As an employee of Compact Automation Products, I was able to apply my technical knowledge and interest in sales to benefit both the company and myself. In the future I hope to further my involvement with Compact Automation and the fluid power industry.

What are your career aspirations? What type of fluid power job do you hope to get after you graduate?
After graduation, I hope to continue my career in the fluid power industry as a salesman. I love the personal relationships that you can build as a sales representative and the opportunity to work around cutting edge technology has always excited me. I am eager to join the workforce and start making an impact and I’m very thankful for the NFPA helping me along the way.

The Foundation’s goal is to help individuals enrolled in high schools, technical colleges, and engineering schools pursue their interests in fluid power. For further information on the scholarships, contact Carrie Tatman Schwartz, Workforce Development Manager at