Meet a Fluid Power Scholarship Winner—Katherine Larson

NFPA Education and Technology Foundation

The NFPA Education and Technology Foundation recently awarded $2,000 scholarships to students pursuing fluid power technology fields of study.

Here’s one of the winners, Katherine Larson. She is working on a double major in Industrial Technology and Agricultural Systems Technology, as well as a Safety Certification, at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. We asked Katherine about winning the scholarship . . .

What does winning this Fluid Power Scholarship mean to you?
Winning this fluid power scholarship will assist me in finishing my studies within my major, especially my mechanical and lab-based senior year classes. This scholarship also lessens the overall burden of my student loans, which I thoroughly appreciate. Finally, it also solidifies that what I learned in my fluid power class truly was worthwhile and will be beneficial knowledge to have as I join the workforce.

Why did you choose to learn about fluid power?
Fluid power has always been a subject that sparked my curiosity and luckily was already part of my curriculum. I had not realized the true learning opportunity having this class gave me until I started talking with my peers and found out that other majors and universities do not provide a fluid power section. Also, the overall mechanics of fluid power is astounding, and gaining an understanding of the way it is used in industry today seemed like a crucial piece of information to know, which has proved to be true as I look back now.

What are your career aspirations? What type of fluid power job do you hope to get after you graduate?
I am in my senior year and am hoping to find a full-time position within an internationally operating company. Finding a position that would allow me to design, as well as travel and implement within a manufacturing environment, is my goal. My previous internships have been either broad engineering, or an industrial engineering position, but I would enjoy taking a position with more involvement of fluid power and other systems. 

The Foundation’s goal is to help individuals enrolled in high schools, technical colleges, and engineering schools pursue their interests in fluid power. For further information on the scholarships, contact Carrie Tatman Schwartz, Workforce Development Manager, at