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Stats Fact of the Week: Week of March 18, 2019

The companies that make the most of their NFPA market information benefits have a strong grasp of which reports are available to their companies. In most cases, the menu of available reports is dependent on a company’s membership type, i.e. manufacturer, distributor, supplier, etc. There are two types of market information programs: participation-based and non-participation-based programs.

While non-participation-based programs are available to all members regardless of membership type, participation-based programs do require a specific member type(s) for participation. Below is a list of NFPA market information programs available to SUPPLIERS, sorted by program type, along with a short description and direct link to where the report resides on the NFPA website. Your NFPA login will be required.

To access our market information program menu and all of NFPA’s market information reports, please click one of the links below.

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Important Reminder: NFPA’s market information programs are only available NFPA members.


Participation-based programs: participation is needed to receive reports.

  • The Confidential Shipments Statistics (CSS) Program is the only monthly source of aggregated industry data for the U.S. fluid power industry. This report presents data on monthly orders and shipments collected from our participating U.S. manufacturer members and helps users understand trends and benchmark their own company’s performance against the overall industry performance. Data is compiled by a 3rd party to maintain confidentiality, and the results are only available to CSS participants.
  • The NFPA’s Stats Toolkit is a benefit of CSS participation. This cloud-based tool helps users to automate time-consuming calculations and analysis using industry, company, and other data sources. Benchmark company performance, examine industry trends, identify leading indicators, and create custom forecasts, graphs, and tables that drop right into your planning and presentation documents.


Non-participation-based programs: reports are available to all NFPA supplier members, participation is not needed.

  • Global Market Reports and Forecasts are a collection of global market reports that investigate every angle of the global marketplace. From high-level macro data and leading indicators, to very detailed analysis and forecasts of popular customer markets, all broken down from a global perspective, including specific by-country analyses and forecasts. These reports are prepared by Oxford Economics, one of the world’s foremost independent global advisory firms and provider of reports, forecasts, and analytical tools on the global economy.
  • Fluid Power Regional Demand Estimates is an Excel-based report prepared for NFPA by Oxford Economics that profiles the geographic distribution of fluid power products to end-use industries by state, including fluid power sales dollars, fluid power sales percentage, and number of establishments for each industry in every state.
  • Executive Summary Report is a collection of resources from multiple NFPA market reports that delivers a snapshot of the current and future market conditions in the fluid power industry.
  • Customer Market File is a monthly file containing data and trend graphs for key U.S. customer markets, popular economic indicators, and producer pricing that can be used for your own internal analysis needs or easily transferred into analytical tools such as the NFPA’s Stats Toolkit.
  • NFPA Forecast: U.S. Customer Markets is supplied by Alan Beaulieu and ITR Economics. These quarterly reports include an outlook, trend graph, and commentary on the current year and next two years ahead for fluid power, hydraulics, pneumatics, and 29 major customer markets. The report also includes insights into current events, state-by-state economic topics, industry segment overviews, snap shot indicators, reader’s questions, and fed notes.
  • The Annual Survey of Fluid Power Manufacturers includes market and product-level shipment dollar data for the U.S. fluid power industry and is a valuable tool for determining market size, share, and segmentation.
  • International Trade Data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau, Foreign Trade Division is summarized with a particular focus on fluid power products. This report also includes country-by-country breakouts.
  • The Capacity Utilization Report provides analysis of capacity utilization data from the Federal Reserve Board on a variety of different customer markets and general indicators every quarter.

If you have any questions or would like to start participating in any NFPA market information program, please contact Eric Armstrong at or call (414) 778-3372.