Industrial Internet of Things and NFPA

Industrial Internet of Things

Back in February, the NFPA Board of Directors identified the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as a development trend NFPA should be watching in order to consider how we might help members and the industry leverage IIoT as part of our mission to strengthen the fluid power industry. NFPA’s Supplier membership was also recently rewritten to extend eligibility to companies that provide IIoT related services and products.

The board reaffirmed this direction in its June strategic planning meeting, held in late June. As we move forward, NFPA staff will be reaching out to establish an advisory group of members to help guide efforts in this area, and we will likely establish a brief, semi-annual poll of members to gather general information on how quickly and extensively the fluid power industry is incorporating IIoT capabilities. If you are interested in contributing expertise and energy to any of these efforts, contact NFPA staff.

In the meantime, in case you missed it, we held a webinar on IIoT with Jeremy Drury of IoT Diagnostics. IoT Diagnostics was formed by the ownership of Hydrotech, and as such has direct knowledge of fluid power and the fluid power industries. Jeremy offered some of the reasons for enabling products with IoT capabilities and practical ideas for how fluid power companies can get started. A recording of the webinar is posted on the NFPA website, along with updated presentation slides and a white paper.