IMTS 2016 Fluid Power Track Focuses on Energy Efficiency

Fluid Power Track at IMTS

The lineup for the Fluid Power Track of the Integrated Industries Conference at IMTS 2016 is set. The speakers will share their expertise regarding energy efficiency in fluid power and its uses in state-of-the-art technology on Wednesday, September 14.

The presenters and topics include:

  • Jon Jensen, Energy Conservation Group Manager of SMC Corporation will cover energy conservation — what it is, its benefits, and where it is useful.
  • Dennis Mell, Vice President, Manufacturing at Nexmatix LLC will use company case studies to explain how to fix leaks in actuation systems. The presentation will also include a live demonstration of valve monitoring for air leaks.
  • Larry Brown, Corporate Sales Manager of Proportion-Air will explain how companies can reduce the amount of compressed air used in their equipment while still maintaining performance.
  • Bob Pettit, CTO, North America of HAWE Hydraulik will cover hydraulic clamping units in machining centers, highlighting energy efficiency, costs, and calculations.
  • Peter Nachtwey, President of Delta Computer Systems will discuss optimization of sensor, actuator, and control technology.
  • Steve Zumbusch, Director-Technology Development of Eaton Corporation will give insight into machine design and maintenance options for minimized energy costs.

Attendees will also be able to see fluid power technologies in action in the IFPE Fluid Power Zone within the Motion, Drive and Automation North America trade show, September 12-17.

For more information on the Fluid Power Track at IMTS 2016, or to register visit:

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