IFPE 2020 Announces Call for Presentations

IFPE 2020

By Helen Horner, Education and Content for IFPE 2020

The world of fluid power and hydraulics has seen much disruption and change, and users are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. According to the NFPA Annual Report, the six things fluid power users want are:

  1. Increased productivity
  2. Enhanced performance
  3. More uptime
  4. Lower total equipment costs
  5. Easier, more predictable maintenance
  6. Quieter, safer machines

Tomorrow’s fluid power technology has the capacity to meet these wants.  From advances in automation, electrification, digitization, and the integration of the Internet of Things (IoT), there will be no such thing as unsatisfied demands.

The real secret is information sharing. Some of these innovations exist already, but the knowledge has not been shared. Education is key! Enter the International Fluid Power Exposition (IFPE).

IFPE features targeted education events that provide crucial information on new fluid power, power transmission, and motion control technologies to engineers and others involved in the design and manufacturing process. It is at the forefront of innovation.

Do you have cutting-edge knowledge to share? Now is the time as IFPE has opened its call for presentations.

Topics of interest for 2020 include both a mobile and industrial focus in (but not limited to):

  • Cleanliness requirements for hydraulics – contamination control
  • Hydraulic transmission control methods – control clutches, shifting
  • Electric systems in controls and components
  • Integration of site management
  • Machine control automation of functions on the machine
  • Variable speed drive technology of fluid power
  • Digital displacement pumps
  • Predictive/preventative maintenance
  • IoT
  • Mobile hydraulic robotics
  • Factory automation, smart systems
  • Assessing hydraulic system efficiency
  • Industrial automation with humans
  • Hydraulic casting
  • Workforce development

This is your opportunity to get in front of users and share best practices, updates and case studies. The deadline to submit abstracts is November 15, 2018. To submit your proposal, please go to the call for sessions.

Do not miss this opportunity to network with your peers at IFPE 2020. Questions can be directed to Helen Horner at HHorner@aem.org.