Greenco Donates Cylinders to College of Central Florida

Greenco donates cylinders to tech school

Through its various workforce development programs, NFPA works to connect member companies with local schools that teach fluid power. One way NFPA is helping member companies reach local schools is through facilitating material donations to schools for their fluid power labs and class projects.

When the College of Central Florida in Ocala, Florida reached out to NFPA looking for equipment to help their students build and monitor pressures in pneumatic and hydraulic circuits, we sent an email to NFPA members in the area asking for help. Greenco Corporation came forward and helped the students out. The company donated a variety of different types of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders that are now being used in fluid power, motor controls, and PLC course work. Students are learning to operate, disassemble, repair, and identify the various parts of the cylinders, and the manuals that Greenco provided are helping teach students the engineering formulas associated with various fluid power applications.

For further information on how you can connect with a school in your area, contact Carrie Tatman Schwartz at (414) 778-3347 or