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Stats Fact of the Week

As the leading source of fluid power market information in the U.S., a key NFPA membership benefit is free access to market information resources. A variety of industry reports, forecasts and data sources for fluid power products, customer markets and economic indicators can help members understand trends and anticipate change. The amount of information available can be overwhelming and may leave some NFPA members wondering:

  • What kinds of market information resources does NFPA offer?
  • How should my company be using these resources?
  • Which resources are the best fit for my company’s needs?
  • Can my company participate in NFPA’s market information surveys?
  • What do these various types of data/analysis mean?
  • I am already using a few NFPA market information resources, but how can my company improve our use of these and other NFPA resources?

If these questions sound like you or others at your company, it may be time for a 1-on-1 walkthrough webinar with Eric Armstrong, NFPA’s Economic & Statistical Services Manager.

The 1-on-1 walkthrough webinar is tailored to wherever your interests lie. It can give a broad overview of NFPA’s resources as a whole or cover specific programs or tools of your choosing. Whatever you choose, you can expect the webinar to help you properly interpret, learn from and apply the market intelligence each program delivers.

Contact Eric Armstrong at or (414) 778-3372 and request a 1-on-1 walkthrough webinar to take better advantage of one of NFPA’s most powerful benefits.

Are you interested in NFPA market data, but not a member?  Not a problem!  Eric will take you on a tour of NFPA’s market information services and help you decide if NFPA is the right fit.