Fast Track Fluid Power Action Challenge Underway in Illinois

Programs like the Fast Track to Fluid Power are made possible in part by the generous support of industry volunteers as well as NFPA Education and Technology Foundation and Pascal Society donors. Support these efforts by making a donation.

Last month, Deltrol Fluid Products began its 11th annual Fluid Power Action Challenge in River Grove, Illinois. Starting this year, the Action Challenge held at Triton College is part of a larger education pathway called Fast Track to Fluid Power/ FAMTEN. The Fast Track to Fluid Power initiative creates strong connections between local technical colleges, industry partners and teachers by engaging multiple education levels in the community, beginning with the Action Challenge for middle school students. Triton College was chosen as the next hub after the program’s debut at Waukesha County Technical College because of its strong fluid power and mechatronics degree program.

At Workshop Day, representatives from Deltrol and instructors from Triton College gave thirty-five teams of students an overview of fluid power principles and guided them as they built pneumatic lifters controlled by the action of a piston applied to a piston of the same volume. Students received their Action Challenge scenario, tools and materials so that they can go back to class and begin designing their prototypes over the next few weeks.

In December, teams will return to Triton College where they will receive an identical kit of supplies to recreate their unique device. Students are judged on their portfolio, design, interview, and teamwork, and they will also use their machines to compete against their peers, seeing how many objects they can move in two minutes. NFPA members are welcome to attend to see how it works! For more information contact Stephanie at