Four-Quadrant Multi-Fluid Pump/Motor Project Shows High Efficiency, Controllability

Four-Quadrant Multi-Fluid Pump/Motor

The fluid power research projects coming out of the Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power (CCEFP) have continued to progress, and all ten of the newly funded projects were presented at the CCEFP Industry-University Summit in April 2017. The Four-Quadrant Multi-Fluid Pump/Motor project was presented by James Marschand, an agricultural engineering student at Purdue University. The progress made on this project shows that the design offers better efficiency and controllability over conventional pumps and motors.

Project Premise: This project has focused on the design and simulation of digital pumps and motors for multi-fluid operation as well as evaluation of their feasibility. It has built upon existing technology and research by working toward a novel mechanical control for digital pumps and motors in pursuit of making this technology approach more feasible.

Recent Progress and Next Steps: The prototype pump mechanism has been tested on an existing digital pump/motor test stand, which has provided proof of efficiency and controllability. Researchers have also worked toward selecting the radial piston donor pump for further investigation. Next steps to further refine the project include:

  • Identifying radial piston pump configurations.
  • Designing a mechanical cam control system for the radial piston pump.

See the presentation slides from the summit below:

Watch for project updates as the project progresses.

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