Foreign Trade Trends in CSS: Percentage of U.S. Production

Stats Fact of the Week

Stats Fact of the Week: Week of October 8, 2018

Foreign trade and the global marketplace play a key role in shaping U.S. fluid power industry trends, and while there are many ways of exploring this, the Confidential Shipment Statistics (CSS) program allows you to use “Percentage of U.S. Production” analysis to understand just how much influence foreign trade has on trends in the U.S. fluid power industry. Let’s look at how Foreign Trade as a “Percentage of U.S. Production” has progressed during 2018:

Foreign Trade as a “Percentage of U.S. Production”

The chart above highlights the three major segments of the shipments and orders data: U.S. production, U.S. exports, and U.S. imports. Comparing U.S. exports and U.S imports to U.S. production reveals how much foreign trade is influencing monthly U.S. fluid power trends. The higher the percentage, the more influence it has and the more attention it should be given when anticipating a future sense of direction. This becomes even more insightful as you perform this same type of analysis on more detailed CSS categories.

Important Reminder: While U.S. exports are a segment of U.S. production and U.S. imports are not, our goal is to only compare size of these two segments to U.S. production as an indicator of influence over trends.

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